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  • This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical disease.
  • This product is not a food/sports supplement.
  • This product is not approved for human consumption.
  • Please read our terms & conditions carefully.

This bundle contains the new ACP105.

ACP105 is very similar to OSTARINE and S4 in therms of mild side effects in particular on the RAT hormonal profile.
Researchers suggest that ACP105 will give a very aesthetic look, dry, vascular and veiny, starting from a decent BF.
This is an improved version of the classic CUT stack who can help your RAT not only to lose fat but also to achieve and amazing aesthetic 3d look!

The bundle contains:

2x ACP105 15mg/ml (researching daily dose is 15mg split in 3 daily doses)
2x CARDARINE 20mg/ml (researching daily dose is 20mg)

We haven’t included ENCLOMID as post research therapy because usually it’s not required with ACP105
We suggest to buy it separately and keep it in your lab in case your RAT should need it.

Please visit the LAB TEST page to check products authenticity, and contact us on the website chat for more information!

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