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  • This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical disease.
  • This product is not a food/sports supplement.
  • This product is not approved for human consumption.
  • Please read our terms & conditions carefully.

Attention: due to a typographic error on the label you will find that this product is 10 mg.
This is an error and as stated on this page the product is 2 mg

To use this product you will also need our 10 ml bacteriostatic water.
Each vial it’s usually diluted with 1 ml of water so with a 10 ml water you will be able to reconstitute 10 vials of this product.

 Product  CJC1295 DAC
 Dosage  2mg
 Storage indications  Powder: Cool and dry place. After reconstitution store at 2°C – 8°C.
 Warnings Read carefully our SALES TERMS


  • Incredible GH boost
  • Effective up to 14 days
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Powerful muscle building support
  • Well researched
  • Instant fat loss

Rapid improvement in the quality of the physique, powerful pump, rounded muscles with great vascularization and, in addition, better sleep with a younger appearance … Probably many rat owners would give a lot for such change in their pupils life. Meanwhile, all this is by the reach of your hand; this is CJC-1295 DACTM!

CJC-1295 with complex DACTM is a peptide derived from the natural “trigger” of growth hormone (GH) production, so somatoliberin (GHRH), with some improvements. The agent is an extremely effective way to conveniently and long-term improve the concentration of GH in the body, which, unfortunately, has been proven mainly in studies on humans and human cells. Therefore, it is an analog of a naturally occurring hormone in the body, the purpose of which is to intensify the production of GH, and additionally has a prolonged effect. Sounds good? I think so.

So what does it do?

The peptide binds to GHRH receptors located in somatotrophes, i.e. cells that produce and release GH, stimulating them to work. Wait, you don`t want to read about it? Ok, so the peptide can boost your rat’s GH level up to 11 times. Scientifically proven. No bullshit.

The best alternative to growth hormone? CJC-1295!

Growth hormone is considered as one of best inventions  of pharmacology for a reason, actually  plenty of them. Yes, it is great, but also illegal, expensive and you have to take it a few times per day. In the case of CJC-1295 with DACTM, only the first one is true as it can produce analogous effects up to approx. 3-5 i.u. of GH daily. However, it knocks out GH in terms of price, you can buy it legally, and most importantly, one injection per week can be enough. Yes, you got that right. 1 and done! Thanks to the DACTM complex, the agent binds to albumin, which means that its concentration remains in the human body for up to 14 days after a single injection. And all this time its boosting your rats GH and IGF-1 levels.

Incredible physique transformation

A high level of GH is an absolute game-changer, if it comes to, both, building muscles and making your rat shredded freak. On the one hand, it causes, along with the boosted IGF-1, the multiplication of cells. This fact not only greatly accelerates muscle building, but also supports the regeneration of joints, which in turn allows your rat to go heavier and longer in the gym, without threat of an injury in the back of its head. In addition, it increases the water retention in the muscles, which quickly reaches inhuman size, separation and swollen look.

Moreover, due to its strong lipolytic properties, growth hormone has a positive effect on the reduction of adipose tissue. Its high concentration stimulates the release of fatty acids from cells, which makes it possible to burn it. It is widely believed that well-used, high levels of GH in the body can allow for recomposition; build extra muscle and strength while losing fat!

Forever young, thanks to CJC-1295!

Rumor has it that in Hollywood backstage insulin and GH are the basis of best actors “diet”, especially those reaching their 50s and older. There is something in it, because the level, or actually its decline with age, has been clearly correlated with the aging processes of the body. To counteract almost all of them, it’s worth increasing GH. It is a simple recipe for the return of so much energy, well-being and pace of regeneration!

Sleep improving peptide!

An additional effect of CJC-1295, both as a somatoliberin analogue and a GH booster, is the improvement of sleep quality. It has been proven that the specific action of both GHRH and GH is the increase in the amount of deep sleep and thus better regeneration in a shorter time.

Keep in mind

The peptide, especially in combination with other synergistic compounds, can increase the level of prolactin, disturb glycemia and raise blood pressure.

Most rats do not experience these kind of problems even at high doses, however those risks should be considered before use.

When to administer to your little buddy

CJC-1295 with DACTM complex is best to administer every 5 days, or once per week. You can aim the shot before your rats most important training in week, or before bedtime, to improve its night recovery.

Standard dosage

Typical dose of CJC-1295 with DACTM is between 1 mg  and 2 mg of peptide, taken every 7 days. In the case of anti-aging therapy, or combined with other peptides, 1 mg is sufficient, while in sports it is suggested to use 2 mg and higher doses.

Best stacked with

You can multiply effects by adding some acetylocholine boosters, like CDP choline, Alpha-GPC or Huperzine A. For really brutal results, you can add MK-677, in dose as low as 10 mg.

How to prepare?

Best way to prepare the peptide solution is to slowly and carefully add a 1ml of bacteriostatic water inside the vial and wait few minutes, until the powder will be fully dissolved. You will have that 1 ml is 2 mg and 0.5 ml is 1 mg.

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