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RAD140 is one of the most powerful SARMs on the market: it can increase muscle mass and strength. The overall effect on your research subject – when starting from a low BF – will be very aesthetic, dry and vascular.
This stack is also ideal for research subjects looking for bulking – when starting with a BF over 10% – because they won’t retain much water.



The bundle contains:

1x RAD140 30ml, containing 20mg/ml (research daily dose is 10mg/ml)
1x Enclomiphene 12.5/ml (covers 30 days of post research therapy)

The bundle is enough for 2 months of research and post research therapy.

It can be successfully stacked with MK677 if you are looking for serious bulking and with Gw501516/GW0742 to improve fat loss.

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