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Is your rat a skinny hardgainer?
He won’t put a single gram of muscle also in a caloric surplus of 10k calories?

This is the right stack!

The LGD four 033 is the most famous SARM on the market, and this is a very classic research for rats looking to put on some serious mass.

The look will be full and rounded, with a great effect on your rat deltoids and harms.
Ideal for a first research about muscle gain.

This bundle contain:

1x LGDfour 033 20mg/ml (standard dosage for first research is 10mg/ml)
1x Enclomiphene 12.5mg/ml (good for post research terapy)

This bundle will become amazing if stacked with MK677.
Want to push your research to the next level? Double the daily dose to 20mg by adding a second bottle of LGD four033

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