UPDATE 14.01.2022 – We figured out that the best way to manage our lab test is to create a directory in dropbox cloud service and store them all inside this drop box.
Please visit this link and let us know if you can find another source who perform all this tests on their products.


s23 raw powder lab test
rad-140 lab test
lgd4033 lab test
Test 1

The British laboratory LGC has bought and tested 20 ‘supplements’ containing SARMs from British web shops. Only 30 percent of the products contained the active ingredients listed on the label. Three quarters of the products were under-dosed.

The researchers looked not only at SARMs, but also at the growth hormone booster MK677, the PPAR-delta agonist GW501516 and the Rev/Erb agonist SR9009. All these substances are on WADA’s Prohibited List and are not be sold as dietary supplements in the EU. However their legal status in the UW is unclear.

The researchers bought their products from web shops which, according to their URL, were operating from the UK. The products came from the workshops of 12 different producers.

70 percent of the products tested did not contain exactly the same active ingredients as stated on the label.

Here at Camo Chem, as consumer before than seller, we faced this problem so many time.

The new trend now from the companies is to claim “3rd party lab test!!”

But, what we mean when we talk about lab tests and how can we really understand what kind of lab test is true and what is just a draw with Microsoft Paint, made from the big boy that sell his super stuff?

There are some clue that you can easily check to spot a fake lab test.

  1. The test has been made from a lab in another country. I mean: if you have a UK based company, why do you send your products to US to test them?
    Shipment is expensive, slow and you have to face custom controls. So probably those TEST are FAKE!
  2. Extreme purity levels. The main pharmaceutical suppliers like Bayer or Pfizer are not able to achieve purity above 99%, but hey… the dude from SarmToBecomeLikeRonnieColeman.com has this grade of purity on ALL his products! Good job mate so probably… FAKE!
The mayor point that you should look at is…. VERIFICATION CODE!

Basically there is only one way: the test should have a verification code to check that the file has not been manipulated with programs like PHOTOSHOP.

Let see our lab test compared to a lab test from another random company.

ACP105 lab test
gwo742 lab test
lgd4033 lab test
mk2866 lab test
rad-140 lab test
s23 raw powder lab test
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