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  • This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical disease.
  • This product is not a food/sports supplement.
  • This product is not approved for human consumption.
  • Please read our terms & conditions carefully.

The most POWERFULL SERM on the market. This is an updated version of Clomid without the isomer zuclomiphene.

No more side effects like on your rats mood.

A boost of testosterone perfect for your rat post cycle therapy.

It come in a dose of 12.5mg for each ML that will be enough to 1 month recovery after a standard cycle.

This is also available in our two best seller bundles: LEAN BULK and SERIOUS MASS


 Dosage 12.5 Mg/ML
 Ingredients  PEG400, DMSO, Enclomiphene
 Storage indications  Keep in a dry and cool place, don’t let it open.
 Batch EN001
 Warnings  For research purposes only. Read carefully our SALES TERMS
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