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  • This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical disease.
  • This product is not a food/sports supplement.
  • This product is not approved for human consumption.
  • Please read our terms & conditions carefully.

MK-2866 was one of the first SARMs to be developed, and to this day it remains one of the most promising and interesting compounds of this type.

It was developed to treat muscle-wasting conditions and osteoporosis, with studies showing decent increases in lean muscle mass and bone density with almost no side-effects.

Researchers report a modest increase in muscle mass and strength, as well as muscle hardness and vascularity.

Adverse effects are minimal and rarely noticeable.


 Product  MK2866
 Dosage  20 Mg/Ml
 Ingredients  PEG400, DMSO, MK2866
 Storage indications  Keep in a dry and cool place, don’t let it open.
 Batch  08001
 Warnings  For research purposes only. Read carefully our SALES TERMS
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