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Muscle gain and fat loss at same time? CJC-1295 DAC™

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In the ever-growing world of peptides, many extremely interesting substances are appearing, whose performance exceeds the expectations of both, creators and users. One of the most popular and well researched peptides in the UK is CJC-1295 DAC™. Wait, you don’t know what peptides are? So I refer you to the article (reflink), in which I explain step by step the group of substances whose representative I discuss in this text. Long story short; chemically speaking, peptides are molecules of 2 or more amino acids (small “bricks” which ultimately make up all existing proteins), but in the industry vocabulary, it’s a term used to describe a group of peptide-like agents which exert a specific effect on the body. What effect? Faster weight loss, increased muscle mass, improved libido, faster tanning, better co and hair, anti-aging… You name it! But let’s get back to CJC-1295; this synthetically derived peptide, is nothing but a modified, naturally occurring hormone in the human body; somatoliberin. Somatoliberin also known as growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), is in simple terms, a sequence that is secreted in the hypothalamus from where it goes to the anterior pituitary. The cells that occur there present there respond with exactly what we all want, but don’t all know about; growth hormone release!

What is CJC-1295 DAC™?

So, scientists working at Conju Chem Biotechnologies have made a substitution (exchange) of several amino acids of the original GHRH chain, obtaining a sequence that is more stable, and, at the same time, patentable and therefore potentially profitable. This is by no means a new idea; this kind of procedure has been used many times to create peptides such as Sermorelin, a peptide of the GHRP family, and to some extent also the oral BPC-157. However, what is more important CJC-1295 has been shown to be somewhat effective, promoting exactly the same action as natural GHRH; that is, the previously mentioned growth hormone output, which in turn, after time, also boosts the highly anabolic insulin-like growth factor; IGF-1. What does effective mean? In studies, after the first dose peak of growth hormone reached up to 10x the initial value!

The thing is that on an analogous principle (substitution of several amino acids in GHRH) MOD GRF, or Sermorelin acetate were created, and they are also very effective. So the question is; why CJC-1295 DAC™ is the most popular peptide from this group?

Groundbreaking DAC

The answer is suffix -DAC, which is a patented complex that provides extended action of the agent. Namely, maleimidopropionic acid was added to the peptide based on the first 29 amino acids of somatoliberin. The molecule obtained in this way after introduction into your bloodstream is able to bind with the proteins present there, which are albumin. The conglomerate that was created remains resistant to the enzymes, so it can circulate in unchanged form basically until the breakdown of albumin. Thus, once given CJC-1295 remains in the blood for up to 21 days, with no significant decreases occurring until day 5-6.

In practice this means that CJC-1295 DAC can be successfully dosed even once a week, remaining fully effective! This is unique quality; aside from CJC-1295, it is the longest half-life among GH secretagogues (ejection-promoting agents) and also can be boasted by MK-677, which can be taken once a day.

Powerful synergy

Being at topic of MK-677, it is worth to mention one essential thing; the synergistic effect. Advanced users have probably heard, that some peptides, despite being highly effective in solo therapy, can work real wonders when combined with another agent. This is the case with CJC-1295; its side-kicks are peptides “pretending” to be ghrelin, i.e. GHRP-2, GHRP-6, and the above mentioned MK-677. Using these peptides simultaneously leads to truly stunning results; in studies, while using reasonable doses, the output of growth hormone was higher up to 16x.


If we focus on clinical studies, in case of CJC-1295 it was possible to prove such effects as;

Approximately 30 minutes after administration of CJC-1295 was followed by an increase in the concentration of GH in the serum of test subjects, reaching at the peak (about 2 hours after injection), values 10-11 times greater than those occurring physiologically in the organism. In healthy men in age 20-40 y.o., CJC-1295 led to the increase in peaks of growth hormone by an average of 7,5 times. Importantly, after a single injection, the increased levels of growth hormone persisted up to 14 days, but were markedly weaker from 5 onwards [1].

A single injection of CJC-1295 increased IGF-1 levels up to 28 days after injection, reaching 1.5 to 3 times baseline values. Importantly, hormone concentrations remained fairly stable from days 3 to 14 after injection[1,4].

The agent, as suggested by its pharmacokinetics, accumulated concentration with time of administration. [1]

What does it look like in practice?

Moving on to my perspective; for a user like you; CJC-1295 rocks! The agent is really noticeable in terms of mood and sleep, as well as visible components. Especially the last effect may please those with problematic complexion, like myself. On CJC-1295, it is actually easier to keep the skin in good condition, plus there is a wrinkle-filling effect, which is also noticeable. At higher doses, you are sure to observe faster nail and hair growth as well.

When it comes to your silhouette, the longer you take them, the better are the results; especially on fat placement and overall body composition. Anyone who has used hormone therapies with GH knows what are we talking about. The muscles take on a slightly fuller shape, the pump is better, but the most important aspect is recovery. Thanks to high levels of growth hormone, as well as deeper sleep, you regenerate after heavy sit-ups like it`s nothing. By the way, I personally have noticed (and I am not the only one!) benefits in knee pain despite strength progression.

During the mass gaining period, fat tissue grows slower and more evenly on the body, not on the belly or flanks, and during the reduction it is significantly easier to lose it. This is not the HGH fragment level 176-191, but common! The product gives really a lot, while being really convenient.

Methods of serving

At this point, CJC-1295, whether with or without the DACTM complex, should be administered into the body paraenteral. This means so to get the maximum effectiveness of the drug, you must dose it by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. If you don’t know how to prepare CJC-1295 and yourself for the “treatment”, check out this tutorial (reflink to article).


Most dudes, like myself, take CJC-1295 w/ DAC™ every 7 days for practical reasons; it’s easier to remember 😊 If you are going to take higher doses, break it up into injection every 5 days. You’ll keep the concentration more stable that way, which is always a desirable effect, plus, the single dose will be lower – less chance of inflammation. In my opinion, any dose between 500 and 1250mcg per week makes sense, if you’re taking it as a solo product, and for a stack with other peptides, I wouldn’t exceed 750mcg.

The most popular stacks are;

  • CJC-1295 w/ DAC™ as base and morning and pre-workout peaks with GHRP-2/GHRP-6 (usually 100mcg)
  • CJC-1295 w/ DAC™ as base, supported by MK-677 (usually 10mg)
  • Less popular, but still pretty potent, is adding Huperzine A and/or-Alpha GPC, preferably at around-workout time. Actually that is my favorite one, possibly with the addition of 10mg MK-677.

When it comes to AAS or SARMs, it remains versatile and works great regardless of the period, so you might be tempted to say it “goes with everything”.


Considering the legal issues, you won’t get into trouble with the law for using or possessing CJC-1295, but when it comes to the use of the peptide by athletes, it’s on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list. This means that the overwhelming majority of professional and semi-professional sports leagues do not allow the use of this agent. Nevertheless, CJC-1295 is still fresh enough to being tested by just a couple of major organizations.

Side effects

Unfortunately, everything what is good, also has side effects; although in laboratory studies there have been almost no proven side effects aside from mild local inflammation, in practice they can occur and are strongly dose-depended. In most cases there is a burning sensation during injection and this is typical for this peptide. If it doesn’t burn me, is my CJC-1295 crapp? No, but the effect occurs with great frequency.

Other side effects are linked directly to elevated growth hormone levels, such as increased prolactin levels, glycemic fluctuations and numbness in the limbs. In extreme cases you may also expect insulin resistance, carpal tunnel syndrome and mild increases in blood pressure. These effects occur when the drug is overused, nevertheless they are preventable.


As mentioned earlier, CJC-1295 can be used at low doses without the need for additional prophylaxis. Nevertheless, higher doses or combining the agent with other secretagogues in parallel with the effects, also raises the side effects.

If you experience glycemic fluctuations, consider using insulinomimetics after checking your diet. Arrange them from weakest to strongest; chromium, cinnamon, berberine, metformin and other oral medications used to treat type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. GW-501615 may also be useful.

In case of prolactin level elevation, you should consider a high doses of vitamin B6 (preferably in the P-5-P form) or phenylethylamine supplementation. In more severe cases, you may consider including an MAO enzyme inhibitor like hordenine, and if that doesn’t have the desired effect of bringing down prolactin levels, you are left with just cabergoline, also known as cabaser, which is the brand name of the drug.


Considering how fragile structures peptides are and the lack of official pharmaceutical distribution, it may be difficult to find a product that works with the actual CJC-1295 capabilities. For this reason, it is strongly suggested to choose quality products. In the UK CJC-1295 can be sold, nevertheless there is no regulation, which allows a lot of abuse by manufacturers. So consider if it is really worth it to look for the cheapest source from the gym guy. What we recommend is to look for a peptide store in the UK with lots of reviews and lab tests.


Like each peptide, CJC-1295 DAC™ is preferably stored in a dry, cool and shady place, even as a lyophilized (powder). When mixed with water, the product must be stored in the refrigerator, and should be used within 2 months after dissolution. Will anything happen if you leave it outside the fridge, shake it, or apply it yourself after 4 months? Probably not, nevertheless no one can predict what peptide chains will occure in your syringe and whether they will be able to produce an effect analogous to CJC-1295.


CJC-1295 DAC™ is a really interesting peptide, which has become a permanent fixture in schedules of trainers of all kinds of sports, and is also used in anti-aging therapies, or just hormone replacement therapies. Used wisely, it remains a non-invasive, readily available to buy in the UK, proven to work and reasonably priced.

Informations for this text comes mainly from;

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